Ashley Lightspeed Biography

Ashley Lightspeed is a 28 year old porn star, native to the Czech Republic. She was born on January 13, 1984 and her real name is Katerina Strougalova. Ashley Lightspeed is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes. Her height is 160 centimeters (5 feet and 3 inches) and her weight is 44 kilograms (97 pounds). Her breasts are big at 34C, her waist measures just 26 inches and her hips are 35 inches.


In 2003, Katerina Strougalova started her career in the adult entertainment business. She was given the alias Ashley Lightspeed when she became one of the popular Lightspeed Girls who are featured in different websites. Ashley Lightspeed became known for her work in the genres of nubile, amateur and lesbian.

Ashley Lightspeed Innocent

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Ashley Lightspeed Innocent shows the pretty Ashley on a big bed with floral prints and big pillows. She is smiling while she is lying down with her arms stretched a bit. She is wearing a light green night dress and her legs are slightly bent. What we like about this photo is that Ashley Lightspeed looks like she is inviting us to share the bed with her and see what is beneath that night dress of hers.

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Ashley Lightspeed Horny is on top of a kitchen counter. She has a pretty smile on her kissable pink lips. Ashley Lightspeed has blonde hair that falls a little bit down her shoulders. Her left hand is on her left boob and one of her slim legs is poised up. She is wearing white socks and pink cotton panties. It looks like this young girl is ready for some action right there on that kitchen counter. She’s looking hot, hot, hot!

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Ashley Lightspeed teen has her hair in a high ponytail. She has a half-smile, half-smirk on her pretty face. The yellow shirt she is wearing is hiked up and we can see her perky breasts with cute nipples. Ashley Lightspeed is untying her dark blue silky floral skirt and we cannot wait to see what is beneath that piece of clothing. Just a cute teen babe the kind who lives next door. We wish everyone had a girl like Ashley next door. There would probably be world peace. Especially if everyone had a girl like Ashley to date.

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Ashley Lightspeed Lusty shows us two hot girls having some fun lesbian sex. Ashley Lightspeed is joined by a tanned girl with long black hair and long, slender legs. The brunette is embracing Ashley Lightspeed and we can see that the nipple on her ample breast is getting stiff already. Ashley Lightspeed is also embracing her. Both of the hot chicks are naked and busy French-kissing.

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Ashley Lightspeed Lesbian gives us two lovely young ladies starting to explore their bodies together. Ashley Lightspeed is with a taller girl with dirty blonde hair, who is wearing a green shirt and panties. Ashley Lightspeed is pulling the green shirt up and peeking at the girl’s body as if she is inspecting a package before totally unwrapping it. Ashley Lightspeed looks younger that the other girl because of the tiny clips on her hair. There is no denying that we are getting excited just by looking at how sexy these two girls are. Hopefully they will show us more of their fun time together.

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Ashley Lightspeed Cute Ass is wearing a stripped hat and white knitted sweater. Her hair is in pigtails and she has her back turned away a little bit. Ashley Lightspeed’s pink belt is unbuckled and her pants have fallen down. We can see that she is wearing blue stripped G-string panties. We like how her skimpy underwear emphasized the cute ass that Ashley Lightspeed has. We also like how naughty she looks in this pose. We would like to see her naked and bent over too.